Unknown missed call? Do not just return the call!

BIPT warns of a new peak in so-called "ping calls". This time the fraudulent calls mainly originate from Zimbabwe (country code 263) and Tunisia (country code 216), but other international country codes may be used as well.   

It involves short calls that stop before you get the chance to actually answer the call. The frauds speculate on the fact that you will call back the international number. This can cost you a lot of money. 

BIPT advises against calling back international numbers if the number is unknown to you.

You can view here the list of calling numbers about which BIPT has already registered complaints.

Other actions 

  1. Always inform your operator about the call number.

  2. Disconnect as quickly as possible if you call back an unknown international number by mistake.

  3. Never share sensitive personal information (identity information, bank information, ...) with the person on the other end of the line!

More information

Some websites or apps, such as the website International Numbering Plans, provide information about the country where a number comes from.                               

Certain smartphones offer the possibility to block calls from foreign numbers by means of the phone itself, or otherwise you can download an appropriate app. Such apps are available in Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, …

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