Can I keep my e-mail address

Yes, if you have an e-mail address based on a domain name which belongs to you ( or which is independent from your Internet service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). 

  • These addresses can still be used with your new provider.

Yes, for a period of 18 months after the end of your contract with your current provider, if you request it when terminating your contract, i.e. before the end of your current contract

  • This service is free.

Your e-mail address must contain the domain name of your current provider ( 

Your Internet service provider must offer you one of the two following options:  

  • Either: you keep online access to your e-mail account. For a period of 18 months, you can still receive and send e-mails from your previous address and you still keep a certain storage capacity;
  • Or: for a period of 18 months, your e-mails are forwarded from your previous address to the new one.

More information: ISPA Code of Conduct

Use that 18-month period to inform your contacts of your new e-mail address!