How does the migration from one provider to another work?

NB: When switching to another fixed operator (Internet, television or bundled offer including at least one of these services), the Easy Switch procedure applies by default.

You will give your new operator a mandate to take all the necessary steps for you.

If you also transfer telephony, your operator will ask you if you wish to keep your number and, for the Internet, if you wish to keep your former address for 18 months (see details below).

If you only transfer certain services, you must contact the new provider, conclude the contract with him and then terminate the contract with the provider you leave. You can ask the operator you leave to have the contract expire at a specific date, for instance the day when your new contract takes effect.

If the address contains the domain name of the operator you leave, you can ask your previous service provider to maintain your old address for another 18 months. The Internet providers have concluded an agreement in that sense.

Be careful: some operators require you to pay for each month that has begun.

In the contract documents (order form, invoices, contract, general terms and conditions, ...) binding you to your operator, you can find information about this.

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