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Can I use a PLB in Belgium aboard a ship?

Can I use a PLB in Belgium aboard a ship?

It is recommended to always install an EPIRB on a ship as rescue services have access to the ship’s licence data through the MMSI number in case of an emergency.

Complementary to the GMDSS equipment a PLB can be taken along. Its ciphering however does not provide additional information on the emergency situation and PLBs are not part of the worldwide GMDSS system. For use in other countries it is also recommended that you inquire about the regulation with the administration in charge.

In Belgium the use of a PLB is exempt from licence provided that the equipment is registered on COSPAS-SARSAT. It is crucial that all data are completed in the database!

BIPT’s maritime department no longer registers the hexadecimal codes of these beacons. The equipment’s owner should make that registration through the official website of Cospas-Sarsat: