Can you keep your number?

Yes, provided you remain within the same telephone area.

You have to make an agreement with your new operator and sign a "letter of authorisation" showing your wish to keep the number and enabling your new operator to take the necessary steps with your previous operator (request for number porting and cancellation of the contract). You can decide to have your number immediately ported or have it done on the date agreed upon with the new operator. Make sure that everything is in order with the operator you leave; otherwise you may have to pay him compensation.

(An operator is not allowed to take the steps necessary to port your number unless he has a document signed by you; therefore an agreement made by telephone is not enough).

This service is free. Only in the case of a business contract the operator to which you are porting your number, can charge a maximum contribution of € 10 per number ported.

Do not forget to ask how you will be informed of the fact that you have become a customer of the new operator.

If the operation exceeds the deadline set by more than one working day, you are entitled to compensation of 3 (or in some cases 5) euro per day of delay. Compensation is not automatic: within 6 months after transfer, you have to contact your new operator to obtain it. For more information on compensations you can consult