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What do these discounts include?

The discounts are laid down in Article 38 of the Annex the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications.

Several hypotheses are summarised in the table below:


Categories of beneficiaries

Single discount for the installation

Monthly discounts

Fixed telephone connection

Subscription fee

Communications (fixed, mobile, bundle of the subscription fee operator)

Total amount of discounts (max. per month)

+ 65 years, disabled, hearing-impaired persons, laryngectomee, military war blinded

50% of the standard price

Fixed, mobile, Internet or bundle 40% (max. € 8.4)

€ 3.1*

€ 11.5

Ssocial integration income receivers


Internet: 40% (max. € 8.4)

€ 3.1

€ 11.5
(if Internet)


or € 3.1


* NB: if you pay the subscription fee and the communications to two different operators, only the operator providing the communications grants a maximum discount of € 11.5 on the calls.

If you think you meet the conditions to get the social tariff, you can submit your request to the operator of your choice (without attachments), via one of the contacts points mentioned in the table under the title “Which operators are obliged to provide the social tariff?”. If it cannot be automatically established that you effectively meet the conditions, you will receive, after your request to the operator of your choice, a letter from BIPT asking you to send certain documents necessary for the administrative handling to the operator.