How to get Internet access

1. You should choose whether you want to have Internet access by way of:

  • the fixed telephone line;
  • the cable;
  • a wireless network, such as the mobile telephony network.

More details can be found in the section “FAQ - Technical possibilities for fixed or mobile Internet access”.

2. This is what you need as far as equipment and tools is concerned:

  • a subscription to network access;
  • a subscription with an Internet provider;
  • one or several pieces of equipment for network access;
  • in case of fixed Internet, good internal cabling in your home (going to the modem).

More information is available in the section “FAQ - Subscribing to an Internet service”.

3. Opt for a type of connection and speed tuned to your needs. You will need a connection with a higher bitrate if, apart from surfing and exchanging e-mails, you want to:

  • download films and music;
  • play online with others;
  • watch Internet television.

For more information please read the section “FAQ - Choosing your Internet connection”.

Attention: do not forget to check whether the maximum speed advertised by the operator is available at your address.