Billing disputes

If you think the amount charged is not correct:

  • check the detailed invoice (you can request it from your operator or maybe consult it on your customer web page; if you are in dispute with your operator, the latter will provide you with the detailed invoice free of charge;
  • contact your operator’s accounts department;
  • write to your operator’s customer service;
  • if the answer does not satisfy you, you can then submit your problem to the Ombudsman for Telecommunications by forwarding to him a copy of the complaint you have addressed to your operator:

Ombudsman for Telecommunications
Boulevard Roi Albert II 8 boîte 3
Telephone: 02 223 09 09
Fax: 02 219 86 59 

If you should have trouble paying the amounts charged by your operator:

  • write to your operator to ask for payment in instalments;
  • address a debt mediation service (social service department or other), which will help you to get payment in instalments.