Content of the contract

The contract should specify at least the following: 

  • the operator’s identity and company number, his main activity, his geographical address and the address he uses for his customer relations; 
  • the services provided, the subscription terms and possibly other parameters establishing the level of quality of the service provided; 
  • information related to the speed and download volume of a fast connection, 
  • information about any procedures the operator may have introduced to monitor and route traffic with a view to avoiding network saturation and any impact these procedures may have on the quality of service; 
  • customer services and how they can be contacted; maintenance services, possible limitations of use of certain devices on the network; 
  • details of the tariffs, cost of maintenance and ways of payment; 
  • the duration of the contract, the terms to extend or terminate services and the contract; 
  • the minimum duration of the contract required to enjoy a promotion; 
  • costs to terminate the contract; 
  • the schedule regarding repayment of any equipment made available to you in case of termination of the contract before the expiry date is reached; the repayment should be linear, which means that the amount to be repaid each month should be the same; the repayment must not last longer than 24 months; 
  • terms and conditions for compensation and reimbursement if the services fall short of the contract;  
  • the way in which disputes can be settled and the fact that it is possible to submit a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman for Telecommunications.