Contract period

You can conclude a contract of various durations. Mind you: the rules for ending the contract are different according to the duration. 

You can conclude a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract. 

The maximum duration of a fixed-term contract is 24 months. You can conclude a contract of a shorter duration. An operator offering you a contract of 24 months or another duration should be able to also offer you a 12 month contract, if so wished. 

A fixed-term contract is automatically replaced by a permanent contract, if you do not enter into another fixed-term contract. The first contract is then extended, but your engagement to stay with your operator for a specific time lapses.  

An operator has to have your express and written approval to replace a (fixed-term or permanent) contract with a new fixed-term contract. He is not allowed to do so until he has informed you in advance of the consequences and not before you have given your approval. 

Indeed, when you opt for a new fixed-term contract you may profit from a promotional campaign, but you lose the automatic conversion of your initial contract into a permanent contract and once again you are bound to your operator for at least another six months.  

A fixed-term contract is a contract you have concluded for a specific period.

The expiry date of your contract is stated on the initial contract and on your invoice. 

Initially no contract may exceed 24 months. 

You can always ask for a contract of maximum 12 months.

Mind you: if you have agreed to the renewal of your first contract, you are again bound to a fixed-term contract. 

A permanent contract is a contract that does not hold an engagement to stay with an operator for a specific time. You can always terminate such a contract free of charge, anytime you want. 

If you do not explicitly extend your fixed-term contract, it will automatically be turned into a contract that equals a permanent one. The first contract is extended, but the engagement to stay with your operator for a specific time lapses.