Easy Switch

Easy Switch is a process put in place to simplify the change of operators when you have at least one Internet access service or one television service.

The procedure will come into force on 1 July 2017. It is regulated by the Royal Decree of 6 September 2016 on the migration of fixed line services and bundles in the electronic communications sector.

  • Easy switch simplifies switching fixed operators. The process applies by default but you can expressly request not to benefit from it. If you use the Easy Switch procedure you are authorising your new operator to organise the operator switch in your place.
  • You only need to indicate whether you want to transfer your number (including your mobile number if that is included in the fixed services) or if you wish to cancel it.
If you do not indicate anything, the number shall remain with your previous operator (but your contract and/or the price may change). With certain operators it is not possible to keep a number without keeping an Internet access so if you do not indicate anything, you risk losing the number. Ask for more information on this!
  • Easy switch reduces the length of service interruptions: the new operator contacts the operator you are leaving as soon as he is ready to provide you with the requested services; he deals with the ending of the services and the termination of the contract with the operator you are leaving. The service interruption is therefore minimal.
  • Easy Switch reduces the risks of double billing; the operator you are leaving has to stop billing you for its services no later than at the end of the day following the day it was informed of the fact that the change of operators has been made.
  • Easy Switch specifies the information that the operator has to give to the users in order to make it easier to switch operators (see below); Easy Switch improves the identification of the subscriber and services and facilitates the visit of the technician, notably by compelling the operator to propose you visit timetables of a half day at the most;
  • Easy Switch allows you to choose the termination date and, if you wish, to keep the services from both operators activated for a certain period of time; in that case, the operator you are leaving will continue to bill you for the services until the date agreed upon.
  • Easy Switch organises the compensation of the consumer (€ 10) if the technician does not come at the time agreed upon. The user has the right to claim compensation from his new operator.


  • If the visit of a technician is necessary, you have to give him/her access to the installation and therefore maybe take some time off at the time agreed upon;
  • If you have a modem or a decoder from your previous operator, you will probably have to give it back;
  • If you have services from several operators, you will have to terminate some of these by yourself: the “Easy Switch” process only concerns one donor operator (the one or one of whom you are leaving) and one recipient operator (the one you subscribe to);
  • If you wish to switch operators only for television, but not for Internet or vice versa (partial migration), the “Easy Switch” process does not apply. You must then terminate by yourself the services of the operator you are leaving;
  •  If you move and you do not switch operators, the “Easy Switch” process does not apply;
  • The “Easy Switch” process does not exempt you from paying the sums still owed to the operator you are leaving.


Information to be provided to the new operator:

  • information that can be used to identify yourself as a customer of your former operator, in particular your client number;
  • Information identifying the service(s) to be migrated, in particular the code consisting of several numbers identifying the Internet service or television service, or even the services package (including telephone) that are active at a given address. 
You will find this code (sometimes called “Easy Switch ID”):
  • online on your customer page;
  • on your invoice as of 1 July 2017 and
  • in the welcome letter or e-mail of your new operator as of 1 July 2017.
  • your wish to keep for 18 months at the most your e-mail address which contains the name of the provider you are leaving. With certain operators you keep this automatically, without you requesting it; ask for more information;
  • the fixed and mobile number(s) included in the bundled offer and that you wish to transfer or cancel with your previous operator;
  • possibly the date until which you wish to keep the services activated with the operator you are leaving while the services are already activated with the new operator (e.g. in case you move and switch operators). 

You have to sign a migration mandate with your new operator to allow him to start the transfer.