Quality of service of other service providers

The universal service provider is subject to a number of quality requirements. bpost has been initially designated by law as universal service provider until 31 December 2018. bpost will then continue to provide the universal service on the basis of a management contract concluded with the State for a period of five years, i.e. until 31 December 2023. The other postal services providers are not subject to specific quality standards.

All postal service providers however, whether or not they provide services in the framework of the universal services and whether or not they are subject to a licence, have to meet a number of minimum requirements, such as:

  • compliance with the essential requirements. These are the conditions that are imposed to guarantee matters such as confidentiality of letter post, data protection, environmental protection, etc.;

  • the ban to transport or deliver items carrying external elements clearly contrary to common decency or public order knowingly;

  • implementation of an internal complaints procedure allowing a fair and swift treatment of complaints in a simple, transparent and not too expensive manner;

  • providing information to users and personnel about the appeal procedure before the Office of the Ombudsman for the Postal Sector and appointing a competent person to represent the operator in his relations with the Office of the Ombudsman for the Postal Sector;

  • identifying the persons in charge of the delivery of postal items to the public and ensuring that the postal items, with the exception of newspapers, bear a mark allowing the identification of the service provider that treated this item.

The universal postal service providers must also meet the regularity and reliability of the service.

In case of interruption or suspension of the activities the postal service provider is obliged to inform the Institute immediately and the users as soon as possible. Reliability means that the service provider deploys sufficient means, and in particular a minimal infrastructure, sufficient staff and adequate operational processes to meet his licence obligations.