Radio amateurs

Amateur radio is a hobby involving radio communications; it allows to establish contact between radio amateurs worldwide. Those contacts are limited to polite phrases and technical talk. A radio amateur holding an A licence (HAREC) is also allowed to build his own equipment.

Each active radio amateur who wants to transmit, needs to be licensed.

This is only possible after having passed an exam and obtained a certificate.

All radio amateurs are given a licence with a call sign which is assigned according to specific criteria. The regulations can be found in Licences/Call signs.

To obtain a radio amateur licence or for any other changes, you have to send an application to BIPT by means of the form below. Radio amateurs who have passed their exams abroad, can apply for a Belgian licence. The terms can be found in the section Licences/Callsigns.


For any questions, please fill out the application form and e-mail it to BIPT. No applications will be accepted over the telephone.

Before contacting us, have you read our FAQs? The answer to your question may already be available. 

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