Licence-exempt equipment

The possession and/or use of certain devices are not subject to a licence.

This generally concerns short range devices which operate in frequency bands that are harmonised at the European level.

They must of course comply with all the regulations (and bear the CE marking).

Here are some examples:

  • GSM, smartphones, wireless DECT phones;
  • satellite broadcast, radio and TV receivers;
  • Remote controls (of doors, garages, cars, lighting, sockets, shutters, etc.) ;
  • Wireless alarm systems, wireless earpieces;
  • Certain wireless microphones and cameras;
  • Devices equipped with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth chip: computers, tablets, smartwatches, remote-controlled toys...;
  • Certain aids to navigation(GPS, Galileo, Glonass), 
  • Connected home appliances : fridge, coffee machine...
  • PMR 446 or DPMR 446 are often sold in supermarkets or in toy shops.