Market monitoring

BIPT is responsible for ensuring compliance with the radio equipment regulation on Belgian territory. 

The Monitoring department of BIPT carries out checks on manufacturers, importers and distributors (e.g.: appliance stores, IT stores, stores selling medical, electrical or electronic equipment, DIY materials, etc.) and monitors the external borders in cooperation with the customs service (importation of containers, postal parcels, e-commerce, etc.).

In case of doubt, BIPT can collect samples and submit them to more thorough checks in order to verify their conformity. There is of course a European coordination regarding market surveillance.

If the equipment does not comply with the legislative requirements, it is withdrawn from the market, seized or recalled and placing it on the market will be prohibited.

Market monitoring protects the consumer, contributes to fair competition and prevents the marketing of devices that may pose a risk to the population and/or cause harmful interference.

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Market monitoring: 

                            Tél.: 02 226 87 01