Special equipment


These products are sometimes also designated as follows: blockers, signal shields, isolators, personal privacy devices (PPD).

This type of device is specifically designed to cause interference.

Importing, marketing, possessing or using these devices is forbidden in Belgium.

This type of device can no longer be placed on the European Union market.

In addition to a fine, the offender may also be sentenced to imprisonment in case of breach to this legislation.

However, the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications provides a number of exceptions, such as installing a jammer in penal institutions, usage by the Defense, by certain Federal public services and certain police services in certain situations.

GSM repeaters

These devices are sometimes called boosters or amplifiers.

The purpose of this type of equipment/installations is to improve the mobile operators’ coverage.

Installing or using mobile repeaters of your own initiative is forbidden, unless explicitly authorised by the operator or operators concerned.

For more details: https://www.bipt.be/en/consumers/radio/mobile-coverage 

Radio scanners (receivers)

You can buy and possess a scanner or receiver.

However, you can only listen to the frequencies for which you have received the owner’s authorisation or that can be listened to freely.

DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0)

These are wireless telephones intended to be used in non-European countries.

Their use in the EU causes interference on the mobile operators’ networks.

Such products cannot be places on the EU market.

Their introduction, possession and/or usage are forbidden in Belgium.

You will find more information on this problematic via this link: https://www.bipt.be/en/operators/press-release/153-dect-6-0-cordless-phones-disturb-mobile-operators-networks 

Speed radar detectors & TETRA detectors

A speed radar detector, also called radar warning systems, is a device allowing to detect (fixed or mobile) radars used by the police for speed controls. The device warns the driver by displaying a flashing light or by beeping when the vehicle approaches a speed radar.

A speed radar detector is a radio signal receiver and is thus subject to the applicable regulation regarding radio equipment. There are also radio equipments that comply with this regulation.

However, the use of these radio equipments is purely and simply banned in Belgium (and in many other countries). This ban arises from Article 33, §1, 1°, c), of the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications. 

If such a device is found in your vehicle, it may be seized as well as the vehicle.

Another device falling within this category is the TETRA detector. This device warns you when the police is close to you by detecting its communications system. 

Using, possessing, importing, selling or even advertising speed radar detectors or TETRA detectors is forbidden in Belgium.

Systems functioning on the basis of GPS localisation of fixed radars or other speed radars are, however, authorised in Belgium. In some countries, using these systems is also forbidden.

Mobile phones for children

Mobile phones specifically designed for children cannot be marketed in Belgium. This concerns adapted mobile phones designed for children under the age of 7, which, for instance, have few keys or have a shape appealing to children. Furthermore, any advertising related to the use of mobile phones within this age category is also forbidden. 

More information on this issue is available via the following link: https://www.health.belgium.be/en/mobile-phones-and-children