Usually the ways of payment can be found in the general terms describing the service.

Your operator has to provide to you a detailed basic invoice free of charge, on paper or electronically, at least every three months

The invoice should specify at least the following: the summary stating the total amount to be paid by the subscriber and the overview with the category of service, the reference period, the question whether advance payment is required, the number of times the unit tariff has been charged, the total amount charged per category of service, any reductions that apply and the total amount due. 

In case of a fixed-term contract the invoice also has to show the contract’s expiry date.  

Once a year the operator indicates on the invoice which tariff plan would save you morst based on your user profile. 

On the invoice the BIPT tariff comparison website ( has to be stated.

You can request a detailed invoice free of charge. This version is more detailed than the basic invoice you have received. 

Anyway calls to toll-free numbers (0800 numbers) and calls to emergency numbers and helplines are never specified on the invoice.

The toll-free emergency and helpline numbers are: 100 (urgent medical care and fire department), 101 (police), 103 (children’s helpline), 107 (the helpline), 110 (disappearance, violence, sexual child abuse), 112 (European emergency number). The European hotline number 116000 for missing and sexually abused children is also toll-free.